Handcrafted products made in Portugal

Products in our online shop are handmade by artisans in the four corners of Portugal. Created with passion and know-how, they are durable and of high quality. Visit our Portuguese handicraft shop and bring the authenticity of Portugal home.

Formula 1 in wood

8,00€ 10,00€

Large black leather wallet

55,20€ 69,00€

8 table knives pack


Honey soap


3 kitchen knives pack


Wooden map of Portugal


Our craftsmen partners

Eu Amo Portugal works hand in hand with artisans from all over Portugal. Discover these men and women who bring Portuguese craftsmanship to life and buy their products in the store area.

Traditional Portuguese recipes

Portuguese recipes

The best recipes from Portugal, easy to reproduce at home. Discover the authentic Portuguese cuisine and enjoy our recipes.

Bolo rei

Bolo rei

Aveiro's "tripas"

Aveiro's "tripas"

Places to visit in Portugal

Discover or rediscover Portugal with our selection of the best places to visit. Whether you prefer the city, the sea or the countryside, find your happiness easily and prepare your dream trip.

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