The Eu Amo Portugal Team

Eu Amo Portugal is an adventure that began about ten years ago, on social networks and especially Facebook. The community has grown over the years, hence the idea to create a space entirely dedicated to Portugal to offer a more varied content.

On this platform, we have at heart to provide information about Portugal, but also to highlight and promote Portuguese crafts.

Indeed, Portugal is a country where the craft industry is varied but sometimes struggles to survive, for economic reasons. So we decided to work hand in hand with Portuguese craftsmen to propose their products on our site. 

Who are we?

The idea of the Eu Amo Portugal project was born in Christophe's head a few years ago. His parents, originally from Trás-Os-Montes (northern region), left Portugal when they were young, like many of their compatriots. Every summer, they returned with their families to their homeland and every summer, Christophe was hit by the saudade when he returned to France. You don't know what "saudade" is? There is no literal translation in english but we can try to explain it with other words: nostalgia, sadness, lack, bitterness... It is a sort of melancholy phase after the euphoria of joyful moments with the family.

Back in France, Christophe dreamed his life in Portugal. Like a return to the sender, 35 years after the emigration of his parents. And around this desire, the Eu Amo Portugal project was built little by little. How to value this rich and welcoming country? How can we support the people who make it such an authentic place? We hope that you will find the answers to these questions on the website and the store and that you will share with us your vision of Portugal, its culture and its people.

In France, Christophe is in love with a French girl, Manon. And he quickly shared with her his love for Portugal, bringing her there as often as possible on trips. And what had to happen happened, Manon, in addition to falling in love with Christophe, also quickly fell in love with Portugal. So she didn't hesitate to join the Eu Amo Portugal adventure. Originally she is a social worker, which has little to do with the creation of a platform and an online store. But the challenge of changing her life made her dream as much as Christophe, so she went for it.

Today, we live in Chaves, a small thermal town in Trás-Os-Montes. So here we are, embarked in this project in which we put every day all our energy and our heart to offer you a quality content and to allow you to access to unique artisanal products, through our store.

Bem vindo and enjoy your visit on our website :)