Traditional Portuguese knives, handmade in Portugal

For several generations, the family cutlery Ernesto Pires has been making Portuguese handmade knives with passion. The quality of cutting and the comfort of these knives are no longer in question. With their stainless steel blade and wooden handle, they are pleasant to use and fit into all kitchens, traditional and modern. We offer on our Portuguese online store several ranges of the brand Ernesto Pires: kitchen knives, table knives but also folding knives.

3 kitchen knives pack


8 table knives pack


4 table knives pack


Kitchen knife - medium


Kitchen knife - small


Kitchen knife - big


Table knife


Portuguese kitchen knives

Rediscover the pleasure of cooking with the polyvalent knives of the Pires brand. The wooden handle provides a comfortable grip and the sharp blade makes cutting effortless. With our various offers and sets, you are sure to find the perfect knife for your use.

Portuguese folding knife

The Portuguese folding knife, also called pocket knife, is appreciated for its strength. Easily transportable, it is the tool to always have with you, when going out in nature or for daily tasks. It is equipped with a blade locking system, to guarantee total safety to the user.