Our partners

Since the beginning of the Eu Amo Portugal project, our will is to promote Portugal through its multiple facets: its gastronomy, its landscapes, its history and of course, its people.

The world of Portuguese craftsmanship is very developed and fascinating. Unfortunately, as in the rest of the world and particularly in the West, it is threatened by globalization, overconsumption and the search for ever lower prices.

That's why we have chosen to propose only handcrafted portuguese products in our shop section. These products are made by Eu Amo Portugal's partner-artisans.

We have met these incredible people during our travels in Portugal and we want to introduce them to you. Thus, for all the products you can consult a "craftsman's card" which will present you the person who made the product, its history and its manufacture. 

In today's society, money represents a great power. So, when we choose to invest it in an object made by hand by an artisan, rather than on a platform of an online giant, we give it the opportunity to circulate locally and on a human scale. We also give an artisan the possibility to keep alive an ancestral knowledge or a unique artistic practice, which could risk dying out, due to lack of profitability.

👉️ Do you know artisans or are you even one? We are continuously looking for new partners who want to have more visibility to sell their products. Do not hesitate to contact our team to present us your story and your work ([email protected]). All forms of crafts interest us: textile, cosmetics, woodworking, ceramics, metal, stones...