Folding pocket knives, handmade in Portugal

Each of these folding knives is handcrafted in Portugal by an artisan cutler. Thanks to their unique know-how, the E.Pires and Cangueiro cutleries offer us knives of superior quality. The nobility of the materials chosen ensures a pleasant experience, the grip is comfortable and the blade sharp. Easily carried in a bag or pocket, they are ideal for both men and women.

Ernesto folding knife

This traditional Portuguese pocket knife is designed to be useful on a daily basis. Its wooden handle will ensure you the necessary comfort and its stainless steel blade the sufficient robustness. The blade is easily locked to ensure optimal and safe use of the knife.

Folding knife with horn handle

This knife with its bull horn handle is sober and elegant. With its small size it will easily slip into your pocket for day-to-day use. The perfect combination of authenticity and modernity. Each model is unique.

Pocket knife with deer antler handle

This folding knife with deer antler handle offers you a unique experience. Each antler is different, so no knife will be similar to your. With its natural feel it is the perfect gift for the modern day adventurer.