Guide of the best places to visit in Portugal

Eu Amo Portugal visits the corners of Portugal in order to present you the wonders of our beautiful country.

Each location has detailed information to facilitate your trip and discover new places.

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Viana do Castelo Braga Porto Vila Real Bragança Aveiro Viseu Guarda Coimbra Leiria Castelo Branco Santarém Portalegre Lisboa Setúbal Évora Beja Faro

Interactive map of Portugal by districts: travel guide and places to visit

Portuguese city life is both vibrant and authentic. Prepare your trip to Porto or Lisbon and also discover cities less frequented by tourists.

Authentic villages

Time seems to have stopped in the Portuguese villages, whose charm remains intact. Visit these picturesque places of life to be immersed in the heart of the country and perceive its essence.

Rivers and river beaches

If you enjoy nature and tranquility, rivers and river beaches are perfect places to relax and cool off by the water.

The most beautiful beaches

Let yourself be tempted by the call of the ocean, which embraces Portugal on half of its borders. Still wild and unspoiled, Portuguese beaches are renowned for their waves and long stretches of fine sand.

Nature and open spaces

Lovers of wide open spaces will be delighted in Portugal. With its natural and national parks, the country offers a great diversity of landscapes. So, put on your sneakers to discover the local fauna and flora!

Historical monuments

There is no better way to discover the history of Portugal than to visit its historical buildings. From prehistory, through the Roman era and the Middle Ages, the country is full of monuments that will make you travel through time.