1. Rui Dos Santos
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Rui Dos Santos

Vila Real, Vila Real

In Vila Real, Rui continues the work of his father in the art of the "latoaria". A profession that is being lost despite the beauty of the objects made.

In Vila Real, in the north of Portugal, Rui Manuel Gonçalves dos Santos makes tin objects in his workshop-boutique. The "Latoaria" translates into "Tinware" in English, it is the manufacture of objects made of tin and other thin metals.

His know-how, passed on by his father, Joaquim Santos, is an art that has been lost since the arrival of industrial products. In the past, the objects made by Rui were part of the daily life of the Portuguese but they have been progressively replaced. This situation threatens this art with extinction and today there are only a few craftsmen left in this field.

Rui uses the knowledge transmitted by his father to propose traditional products and innovates to create others, more original. You can find everything in his store: decorative objects, others for gardening or cooking. He dedicates himself body and soul to this craft which has a great place in his family.

Rui is very close to his parents, all three of them work together in the store. If you are in Vila Real, don't hesitate to visit them !

Christmas star decoration


Christmas star ornament
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Small funnel - wave


Olive oil dispenser - line


Decorative lantern - small


Decorative lantern - large


Oil lamp


Small funnel - line pattern


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